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Holocaust and the Second World War Working Group

Working Group Members:

Diana Dumitru (convenor)

Grant Harward (convenor)

Monica Ciobanu

Roland Clark

Bronwyn Cragg

Dennis Deletant

Alex Drace-Francis

Maksim Goldenshteyn

Emanuel Grec

Sylvia Hershcovitz

Iemima Ploscariu

Stefan Ionescu

Carmen Levick

Irina Livezeanu

Vladimir Solonari

Svetlana Suveica

Felicia Waldman

*N.B. This list only includes people who are current SRS members.


Virtual Meeting, Saturday, 14 May.

The working group introduced themselves. Members spoke briefly about their current research projects including: post-war Jewish responses (including revenge) to the Holocaust in Moldova, a comparative history of Axis and Soviet armies at Staligrad, environmental approaches to war, political history of interwar Romania, fascist Iron Guard exiles and their impact on the Romanian diaspora community in Canada, memory politics and war crimes trials post-war, humanitarian aid for Jews in Transnistria, neo-Protestants in interwar Romania, Soviet Jewish survivors of the Holocaust in Transnistria, and wartime cultural history. Clearly, this shows a dynamic future for Romania-focused research into the Holocaust and the Second World War. Grant Harward reviewed the historiography of the Holocaust and the Second World War from wartime reportage to communist censorship and finally to post-communist controversies. Diana Dumitru then spoke on nine emerging paths in Holocaust Studies that offer new approaches and methodologies to studying the Holocaust in Romania. Finally, the working group discussed options for future working group meetings.