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Democracy and Politics Working Group

Working Group Members:

Dana Trif (convenor)

Luciana Ghica

Diana Mărgărit

Peter F. Wagner

*Note that this list only includes people who are current SRS members.

Group description:

This working group is concerned with both domestic and international politics & history. First, we focus on the politics and democratic systems of Romania and the Republic of Moldova. We aim to foster interdisciplinary research on topics such as political parties, political systems, elections, parliaments, civic culture, political ideologies, discourse, and democracy. Second, we are concerned with Romania and Moldova’s foreign and security policies and international relations after the official demise of communism. More specifically, in Romania’s case, we look at the beginning and further development of the process of Euro-Atlantic integration. Although the working group has a more contemporary and political/social science-type focus, it does not wish to deny the importance of the intersections between politics and history for the analysis of regional, international, and global affairs. A historical dimension to Romania’s and Moldova’s political transformations before, prior to, and after 1989 is also welcome. We are open to all theoretical and methodological approaches that can foster research in these areas, taking a special interest in the promotion of academic literature related to our two countries. Our aim is to encourage more dialogue and cooperation among scholars working in these disciplines through the organization of joint events, panels, conferences as well as scientific publications.