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SRS Committees

Currently SRS has the following committees:

Conference Organizing Committee
Organizes the summer 2022 international committee in Timișoara/Temesvár/Temeschburg.
Chair: Anca Şincan (anca.sincan@gmail.com)
Members: Roland Clark, Vladimir Solonari, Cristina Plămădeală, Philippe Blasen, Sergiu Musteață, Valentina Glajar, Victor Neumann, Claudiu Mesaroş, Dumitru Tucan, and Loredana Pungă (honorary)

Graduate Essay Prize Committee
Selects the best graduate student paper for the 2020 competition.
Chair: Gerard Weber (Gerard.Weber@bcc.cuny.edu)
Members: Rodica Zaharia and Alexandra Chiriac

Affiliated Journals Committee

Discusses affiliating Romanian studies journals with SRS.

Chair: Marius Wamsiedel (Marius.Wamsiedel@xjtlu.edu.cn)

Members: Petru Negură, Anca Şincan, and Cristian Tileagă.