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Membership Categories


Members receive the calendar year issues of the newsletter and may vote in SRS elections.


GRADUATE STUDENT MEMBERSHIP: FREE first year, returning members pay $10 a year.

Graduate student members enjoy the same rights as “regular members.” This type of membership continues to the end of the calendar year in which a student graduates or takes a full time position.


SUSTAINER: ($50.00)

Sustaining members make an extra contribution to the general budget of the SRS that covers maintenance fees and newsletter production. The sustainer contribution includes membership dues.


SPONSOR: ($100.00)

Sponsors may direct their additional contribution to the SRS prize fund or to the conference fund. Sponsors are acknowledged as contributors to these activities. The sponsor contribution includes membership dues.


PATRON: ($300.00)

Patrons may direct their contributions towards the prize fund, the conference fund, or to support special events at conferences and annual meetings. They may consult with the SRS officers and board to fund a particular activity or initiate a new prize . The patron contribution includes membership dues.



Joint membership, which includes membership in both the Society for Romanian Studies and the South East European Studies Association (separate memberships cost $55, so you save $10). Joint members get both the SRS and SEESA newsletters as well as the SEESA journal, BALKANISTICA. (For SEESA, see the South East European Studies Association (SEESA) Web Site. For more information on BALKANISTICA, check the BALKANISTICA Web Site). Joint SEESA-SRS membership is restricted to North American mailing addresses only.



Joint membership, which includes membership in both the Society for Romanian Studies and the Romanian Studies Association of America (separate memberships cost $45 so you save $8). A joint student membership costs $20. Joint members get both the SRS and RSAA newsletters. For more information on the RSAA check the RSAA Web Site.



Requests for organizational memberships will be considered by the Board on a case-by-case basis. If approved, organizations may join as Sponsors ($300) and Patrons ($500). Member organizations do not vote, but their support will be acknowledged by SRS.


All memberships are on a calendar year basis. Members are automatically enrolled in the SRS e-mail news and members only email lists.