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SRS Newsletter

The Society for Romanian Studies publishes a regular, semi-annual, newsletter to keep its members and associates informed of goings on in the field. The newsletter is distributed in electronic form only. Subscribers to H-Romania and our Facebook friends are notified once a new issue is published, usually in November and April each year.

Please send news of your publications, moves, graduations, advancement, conferences, and life events to the Newsletter Editor:

  • Leah Valtin-Erwin, PhD student in History and President of the Romanian Studies Organization at Indiana University Bloomington: lvaltin@iu.edu

To read current and past issues of the SRS Newsletter in PDF format, please click on the links below:

SRS Spring 2020 Newsletter

2019 Fall Newsletter

2019 Spring Newsletter

2018 Spring Newsletter

2017 Fall Newsletter

2017 Spring Newsletter

2016 Fall Newsletter

2015 Fall Newsletter

2015 Spring Newsletter

2014 Fall Newsletter

2014 Spring Newsletter

2013 Fall Newsletter

2013 Spring Newsletter

2012 Fall Newsletter

2012 Spring Newsletter

2011 Fall Newsletter

2011 Spring Newsletter

SRS Committees

Currently SRS has the following committees:

Nomination Committee
Prepares slate of candidates for four Board positions to be elected in early 2018.
Chair: Irina Livezeanu (irlznu@gmail.com)
Members: Roland Clark, Mihaela Diaconu and Mihaela Serban

Conference Organizing Committee
Organizes the summer 2018 international committee in Bucharest.
Chair: F. Peter Wagner (wagnerp@uww.edu)
Members: Margaret Beissinger (liaison with RSAA), Alexandra Ghit (student Representative), Rodica Zaharia, Anca Sincan and Petru Negură (representatives in Romania and Moldova), Svetlana Suveica and Delia Popescu

Graduate Essay Prize Committee
Selects the best graduate student paper relevant for Romanian Studies.
Chair: Jennifer Cash (cashjennifer10gmail.com)
Members: Chris Davis and Marina Cap-Bun

Mentorship Committee
Coordinates SRS mentorship activities.
Chair: Roland Clark (Roland.Clark@liverpool.ac.uk)
Members: Margaret Beissinger, Robert Ives, Petru Negură, Cristina Plămădeală, Anca Șincan

Membership Committee
Examines the membership fee structure, and explores issues of membership recruitment and retention.
Chair: Roland Clark (roloclark80@gmail.com)
Members: Lavinia Stan, Margaret Beissinger, Bill Crowther, Petru Negura, Philippe Blasen, Monica Heintz

H-Romania Committee
Reviews the SRS relationship with H-Romania.
Chair: Roland Clark (Roland.Clark@liverpool.ac.uk)
Members: R. Chris Davis, Valentin Săndulescu, Oana Suciu, Irina Livezeanu, Alexandra Ghit

Website Committee
Monitors and updates the website.
Chair: Petru Negură (petru.negura@gmail.com)
Members: Irina Livezeanu, Margaret Beissinger, Cristina Plămădeală, Raluca Viman-Miller



Board Members

President: Roland Clark, University of Liverpool, UK (Roland.Clark@liverpool.ac.uk)

Past President: Lavinia Stan, St. Francis Xavier University, Canada (lstan@stfx.ca)

Vice-President: Rodica Milena Zaharia, Academia de Studii Economice, Romania (milena_zaharia@yahoo.com)

Treasurer: Vladimir Solonari, University of Central Florida, USA (Vladimir.Solonari@ucf.edu)

Secretary: Anca Şincan, University College Cork, Ireland (anca.sincan@ucc.ie)

Newsletter Editor: Leah Valtin-Erwin, Indiana University, Bloomington, Department of History (lvaltin@iu.edu)

Webmaster: Petru Negura, Free International University from Moldova (Chisinau) (petru.negura@gmail.com).

H-Romania Representative: R. Chris Davis, Lone Star College – Kingwood (R.Chris.Davis@LoneStar.edu)

Student Representatives:
Alexandra Chiriac, St Andrews University, UK (ac308@st-andrews.ac.uk)

Matthew Signer, Stanford University, USA (msigner@stanford.edu)

Marina Cap-Bun, Universitatea Ovidius, Romania (marina_capbun@yahoo.com)
James Kapalo, University College Cork, Ireland (j.kapalo@ucc.ie)
Marius Wamsiedel, Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, China (Marius.Wamsiedel@xjtlu.edu.cn)
Diana Dumitru, Ion Creanga State University, Moldova (dumitrudi@gmail.com)
Irina Livezeanu, University of Pittsburgh, USA (irinal@pitt.edu)
Dragos Petrescu, University of Bucharest, Romania (ragos.petrescu@fspub.unibuc.ro)
Mihaela Serban, Ramapo College, New Jersey, USA (mserban@ramapo.edu)


Sustainers, Sponsors & Patrons

The Society for Romanian Studies acknowledges its Individual Patrons, Sponsors and Sustainers, who provide a critical level of support to all of our activities. We want to thank the following individuals:

Diane Paula Corina Vancea
Dan Dimancescu
Jeffrey Pennington

Maria Lidia Bradley
Lucian Turcescu
Margaret Beissinger
Cristina Plamadeala
Paul E. Sum

Gail Kligman
Eugene Lewandowski
Delia Popescu
Charles Temple
Razvan Zaharia


SRS is committed to organizing thematic international conferences in Europe every 3 years. Proposals will be juried, etc.

What we do

The Society for Romanian Studies is involved in a variety of activities and programs, and you can too. We offer two prizes, publish a book series in collaboration with Polirom as well as the Journal of Romanian Studies in collaboration with Ibidem Press, maintain a mentorship program, distribute our biannual Newsletter, maintain links with a number of other scholarly organizations, and organize an international conference in Romania every three years. The Society is celebrating its 45th anniversary in 2018, a momentous event we mark with the “45 for 45” interviews series published in the acclaimed LaPunkt.
Please choose one of the links below to find out more!





Romanian Studies Book Series 



Organizational Links

45 for 45


2015 Conference

SRS 2017 Graduate Student Essay Prize

Committee: R. Chris Davis (Lone Star College-Kingwood), Valentina Glajar (Texas State University), Ron King (San Diego State University), Diane Vancea (Ovidius University of Constanta)

The Ninth Annual SRS Graduate Student Essay Prize is awarded to the most outstanding unpublished essay or thesis chapter written in English by a graduate student in any social science or humanities discipline on a Romanian subject during the long academic year 2016–17. The prize committee received over twenty essays from a wide range of disciplines, submitted by graduate students and recent graduates from across North America, Europe, and Asia. The committee debated the merits of many prize-worthy essays. In the end, one essay stood above the others. It is with great pleasure that the committee awards this year’s Graduate Student Essay Prize to Dana Muresan for her essay “Brancusi: The Construction of a Romanian National Hero.”

Muresan’s well-researched and highly sophisticated essay examines through the lens of Brancusi the complex relationship of art and nationalism. It explores the role of Romania in the formation of Brancusi’s universal modern art and, in turn, the role of Brancusi and his art in the formation of Romanian identity and promotion of national culture. In particular, Muresan addresses the value the Romanian state derived from claiming Bransuci as a national hero, as a cultural symbol combining historic identity and contemporary sophistication. Yet this appropriation explicitly could not include full appreciation for the content of the work, given that Brancusi the émigré was producing art that was distinctly non-socialist in theme and format. The paper beautifully explores this contradiction, especially as it played out in official Romanian artistic discourse, highlighting both statements and silences of that official discourse. All at once, Muresan reflects on the legacy of Brancusi’s biography and art in both Romania and Paris; widens the analytical frame of Romanian identity discourses; and makes a significant contribution to an array of scholarly fields, including nationalism studies, identity studies, and art history, among others. Equally important to the committee, the essay showcases the field of Romanian Studies in an international context. Finally, Muresan achieves something very rare in academic writing these days, namely the ability to communicate ideas to specialists and non-specialists alike.

The committee felt three other finalists from this year’s competition deserved special mention: Kathryn Grow Allen’s “Migration, Conversion and the Creation of an Identity in Southeast Europe: A Biological Distance and Strontium Isotope Analysis of Ottoman Communities in Romania, Hungary and Croatia”; Alin Rus’s “‘Building’ Cultural Patrimony in Ceaușescu’s Neopatrimonial Romania”; and Karin Steinbrueck’s “Aftershocks: Nicolae Ceaușescu and the Romanian Communist Regime’s Responses to the 1977 Earthquake.” The quality and diversity of this year’s submissions certainly bodes well for the future of Romanian studies.

SRS Email Listserv

We want to encourage you to start using H-Romania exclusively. Please begin to migrate to H-Romania. In the meantime, we will keep this page to provide a smooth transition, but it will not remain forever.

You are invited to join the News from the Society for Romanian Studies E-mail List, which is made available through Google Groups. Anyone who is interested, SRS member or not, may subscribe to the list. The SRS List is used to send out news, information, or other notices in a more timely fashion between issues of the Newsletter. This might include conference announcements, calls for papers, funding information, etc.

If you have problems subscribing or unsubscribing to the list through Google Groups, please contact the SRS webmaster at webmaster@society4romanianstudies.org.


H-Romania is an international interdisciplinary academic forum promoting the professional study, criticism, and research of all aspects of Romanian history, politics, culture and society. It focuses primarily on the countries of Romania and Moldova but also attends to numerous other past and present political, ethnic and social groups, including minorities and diasporas, in terms of their significant connections to present-day Romanian territory. Its intended audience is scholars, professionals, and students who study, teach, and write about Romania, Moldova, and these countries’ cultures and diasporas. Since 2013, it has been affiliated with the Society for Romanian Studies (SRS), generally recognized as the major international professional organization for scholars concerned with Romania and Moldova. H-Romania’s editorial rationale is to facilitate the exchange of news, resources, and ideas about Romanian Studies. Specifically, it endeavors to create and strengthen scholarly and professional networks; to commission reviews and other scholarly discussions and debates on historical and contemporary issues important to Romania; to share ideas about teaching and researching; and more broadly to promote activities designed to foster advancement in these fields. H-Romania is currently edited by R. Chris Davis and Valentin Săndulescu.

How to Join H-Romania

To join H-Romania, first set up an H-Net account. To do so, go to https://networks.h-net.org, click on “Sign up to subscribe & contribute,” and follow the instructions there. Once you’ve created an H-Net account and profile, you can then go to the H-Romania page and click “Subscribe to this network to join the discussion.” Before allowing any contributions, we ask that you complete your H-Net profile, indicating your institutional affiliation, degrees, and areas of interest. You can do this by clicking on the accounts icon in the upper right, then selecting the “Profile” option from the drop-down menu.

How to Contact the Editors

We are interested in building our Reviews and Reports pages, including book and film reviews as well as conference and exhibition reports. If you have any questions please feel free to contact the editors at editorial-romania@mail.h-net.msu.edu. Please also let us know if you are interested in joining the editorial team or becoming a reviewer or blogger at H-Romania. Thanks, and please spread the word to colleagues and students!!