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45 for 45

45 for 45 is a series of interviews that will appear throughout 2018 in LaPunkt, a well-known and respected cultural blog published in Bucharest. Year 2018 marks a double anniversary, as the Society for Romanian Studies celebrates 100 years from the birth of the modern Romanian state and 45 years since the Society was created by a group of American graduate students, professors, and Romanian émigrés.

This series of interviews will showcase 45 junior and senior academics who are working in Western universities, centers or institutes and have devoted their research to the field of Romanian Studies, broadly conceived. These conversations will allow Romanian audiences not only to discover the personal biographies and research itineraries of these 45 academics, but also to gain insight into the life decisions that have led these academics to choose Romania as their main research subject. As the interviews will reveal, influential professors, chance encounters, early-life visits, family ties, emigration and so many other reasons have contributed to their decisions to focus on Romania.

This is a new generation of specialists in Romanian Studies, the post-Cold War generation, which supports the Society for Romanian Studies and its important role in making Romanian Studies visible in Western academia.

Links to the LaPunkt interviews:

Lavinia Stan

James Kapalo

Roland Clark

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