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Announcements & SRS News



Call for Editors – Journal of Romanian Studies

The Journal of Romanian Studies is the flagship periodical published by the Society for Romanian Studies in partnership with the German press Ibidem, distributed in the US by Columbia University Press. A peer-reviewed publication, the journal seeks to strengthen the field of Romanian Studies by gathering high-quality manuscripts on relevant themes written from a variety of disciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives. The JRS has been published twice a year, in April and October, starting in 2019. Each issue contains five to eight articles together with three book reviews. Special issues are put together on topics of great scholarly interest or in anniversary years by guest editors.

At this time, the Society for Romanian Studies is calling for expressions of interest for a new editorial team able and willing to shepherd the JRS for the next three years. The team will consist of two co-editors, one book editor, and an editorial assistant. Expressions of interest from individuals or teams are welcome. The two co-editors should be scholars working in and familiar with Romanian Studies with a record of publications in recognized, reputable venues. The co-editors will receive manuscripts, conduct the double blinded review process, inform authors of the progress of their manuscripts, and edit the texts for clarity and scholarly strength. The book editor commissions reviews of recent publications that are written in Romanian, English or some other language and advance knowledge in the field significantly. We are also looking for an articulate and energetic PhD student who can serve as the editorial assistant by advertising the journal and soliciting manuscripts in consultation with the co-editors. These JRS positions are non-remunerated, but they make for great additions to any cv.

Individuals interested in any of these positions should email the search committee members the following: a one-page letter of interest outlining the position and their plans for the next three years, if accepted, as well as a complete cv, including list of refereed publications. Editorial teams should add to these a one-page description of the way in which they plan to advance the JRS during their term, if selected.

Search committee members:

Lavinia Stan



Margaret Beissinger



Radu Cinpoes




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