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SRS Committees

Currently SRS has the following committees:

Nomination Committee
Prepares slate of candidates for four Board positions to be elected in early 2018.
Chair: Irina Livezeanu (irlznu@gmail.com)
Members: Roland Clark, Mihaela Diaconu and Mihaela Serban

Conference Organizing Committee
Organizes the summer 2018 international committee in Bucharest.
Chair: F. Peter Wagner (wagnerp@uww.edu)
Members: Margaret Beissinger (liaison with RSAA), Alexandra Ghit (student Representative), Rodica Zaharia, Anca Sincan and Petru Negură (representatives in Romania and Moldova), Svetlana Suveica and Delia Popescu

Graduate Essay Prize Committee
Selects the best graduate student paper relevant for Romanian Studies.
Chair: Jennifer Cash (cashjennifer10gmail.com)
Members: Chris Davis and Marina Cap-Bun

Mentorship Committee
Coordinates SRS mentorship activities.
Chair: Roland Clark (Roland.Clark@liverpool.ac.uk)
Members: Margaret Beissinger, Robert Ives, Petru Negură, Cristina Plămădeală, Anca Șincan

Membership Committee
Examines the membership fee structure, and explores issues of membership recruitment and retention.
Chair: Roland Clark (roloclark80@gmail.com)
Members: Lavinia Stan, Margaret Beissinger, Bill Crowther, Petru Negura, Philippe Blasen, Monica Heintz

H-Romania Committee
Reviews the SRS relationship with H-Romania.
Chair: Roland Clark (Roland.Clark@liverpool.ac.uk)
Members: R. Chris Davis, Valentin Săndulescu, Oana Suciu, Irina Livezeanu, Alexandra Ghit

Website Committee
Monitors and updates the website.
Chair: Petru Negură (petru.negura@gmail.com)
Members: Irina Livezeanu, Margaret Beissinger, Cristina Plămădeală, Raluca Viman-Miller



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